Karpett is the first company in Armenia that offers professional mat service memberships for dirtcontrol mats.

Karpett provides commercial grade dirtcontrol mats for businesses and enterprises.

100% non-slip, nitrile rubber cover

stays firmly in place

High-twist heat-set yarn

that absorbs up to 1703 liters of water and 1430 g of dirt per m²

Karpett mats protect your facility from moisture, dirt and dust, making it cleaner and safer.

Our goal is to help businesses and organizations in maintaining their space


Karpett mats protect your facility from moisture, dirt and dust, making it cleaner and safer.

How we work

Consultation with a specialist and testing phase

Commercial offer and contract signing

Delivery of Karpett mats to your location

Regular mat maintenance and renewal

A specialist examines your requirements by location and recommends the appropriate mat, taking into account the foot traffic, flooring, style. You will have up to two weeks free trial period.


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** Personal branding and design

Estimated calculation

Information on how the calculation is made

The more often you replace the mat, the more affordable its maintenance ans renewal cost will be. And if you didnt find the size, color, mat renewal frequency that suits you in the list, dont worry! Submit a request, and our sales reps will contact you to help you with the calculation. We maximally focus on matching the needs and expectations of each of our clients without exception.

2190 drams per month


Delivery directly to your address

Delivery directly to your address

Mat renewal and cleaning according to the agreed deadline

Professional cleaning and disinfection

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More than 30% of employee injuries are related to slipping. (Wausau Insurance Co.)

Wet, dirty, or improperly maintained floors account for approximately 50% of slip and fall accidents (NFSI). :

Slip and fall accidents occur most often on wet or dirty surfaces. (National Security Council, USA).

On average, restaurants experience 3-9 slip and fall accidents per year. (NSA).

The number one workplace life-threatening danger is also slipping accidents, which kills more workers than fire, chemicals and electrocution combined. (National Safety Council). ,

The movement of 1,500 people without an entrance mat can remove about 42% of the ground cover from the floor. (3M)

Accumulation of 1.07 mm of dirt on a heating or cooling system can reduce its efficiency by 21%. (Environmental Protection Agency)

91% of buyers choose a store based on the external view while shopping. (Advanced Shopper)

When asked, "What is the first thing you look at when paying attention to cleanliness?" the most common first response from consumers is "Floors."(42%). (CDI survey, 1991)

When customers choose a restaurant, cleanliness is one of the most important factors, especially in fast food restaurants. (Restaurants and Establishments, 1994)

Workplace fatigue from standing all day is not just a matter of personal discomfort. It also leads to physical injuries that waste employers' time, productivity, and money (National Safety Council).

Workers who were standing on anti-fatigue mats ere able to reduce tirednessnd and discomforty 50% (Mark Redfern, ergonomist at the University of Michigan s Ergonomics Center)

Efficiency is reduced by 33% in a person standing on a concrete floor for 8 hours. Standing on an anti-fatigue mat increases productivity by 20-50%.(OSHA)

It is estimated that 90% of the costs of maintaining facilities and offices is spent on workforce (Cleaning management)

Just one dollar spent to keep the dirt out of the building will save $10 that would have been spent cleaning up the dirt that has already entered. (Cleaning and maintenance management)

39% of the cleaners' time is devoted to maintaining floor care (National Association of Household Executives)

A dirtcontrol mat can save an average of about 200 working hours per year (Don Aslett, America's #1 Cleaning Expert)

    Take advantage of Karpett's dirtcontrol mat rental!

    Leave your contact details and our manager will contact you within 1 hour.

    Our vision


    Our specialists have enough knowledge to advise the client to find the right solutions. Even if our customers were able to purchase dirtcontrol mats without the necessary information, they would not be able to solve the problem completely without spending too much money. Because we work in high volumes with a custom-built system, we can offer these solutions at much more affordable prices.

    Maintenance and service

    Dirtcontrol floor mats are generally made with high-twist heat-set yarn. This means that dust and dirt are completely absorbed. By vacuuming alone, you can remove only 10% of the external dirt of the mat. When the mat is completely saturated with dirt and moisture, it no longer performs its function effectively. Even with the most affordable mat rental package, we clean your rented dirtcontrol mats on a weekly basis.


    By installing the right dirtcontrol mat in the right place, our professionals can reduce the intrusion of water, dirt and dust into the area by 70-80%. Typically, the relevant structures of institutions spend 39% of their time on floor care. We can reduce that time by up to 80%.

    Spill zone

    Areas where there is a lot of moisture also have a high risk of slipping. Some of the most common examples are areas around coffee machines, under sinks or behind counters. Installing Karpett dirtcontrol mats in these areas is a good way to ensure cleanliness and safety.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can Karpett mats be used?

    Karpett distcontrol mats are mainly placed near entrance doors, as 70% of dirt and moisture enters from the outside. But they can also be fully used in transition zones, communication and work zones, contaminated areas - where there is a lot of movement and therefore a lot of contamination.

    Where are the mats manufactured?

    The carpets are 100% manufactured in Belgium, according to European quality standards and safety regulations.

    How are Karpett functional mats cleaned and replaced?

    Each mat that we provide for rent is changed once or twice a week. Soiled carpets are replaced with clean ones, cleaned with special chemicals, washed in industrial washing machines with a capacity of 200-500 kg and pressed witha force of 250 G for best results.

    Is the customer buying or renting the mat?

    Standard functional mats — are being provided free of charge. Our customers pay a certain amount for maintenance services.

    Branded mats — the customer orders and buys them, because they are custom made only for that customer's use (logo, custom size, etc.). Those mats cannot be used by other customers. Branded Karpett dirtcontrol mats are sold to the customer, and he pays for maintenance service at a -15% discount.

    What sets Karpett dirtcontrol mats apart from other mats?

    Karpett dirtcontrol mats are made with high-twist heat-set yarn. This makes the mats perfect for absorbing moisture, dirt and dust. The mats also have a 100% nitrile rubber backing that is smooth, non-slip, never breaks or delaminates.